Lies! (rebellion)?

I totally lied! It has been more than twenty days. Blogging promise fail. Tomorrow is the first day of my post-grad internships and last week was moving the majority of my life from London back to Toronto. I’m living out of boxes in my own home. It’s odd. Anyway more exciting things to come in the future. I started writing a big post but life got in the way. It will definitely be published after this post and is all about travel. Fun, yes?

Also, in the past week I’ve been to the dentist, doctors, optometrist and chiropractor. I have to get all my check ups before I’m no longer covered on my parent’s life insurance. Note to self: find job with benefits. At the optometrist I’ve learned that I have ‘steep’ eyeballs. This means specialized contacts. Hurray for me! My brother thinks I should just get laser eyes (lasik) but I kind of like my glasses. It may be more expensive but I like sometimes wearing glasses and sometimes wearing contacts. In the end I may not have a choice. We’ll see…

Eddy was announced a few days ago. It captures twitter data and publishes it possibly by data visuals. This could be interesting. Related: the Library of Congress will now archive tweets. Tweets are seemingly becoming more permanent or at least less fleeting.

Leonard Nimoy does photography.


Bookmark art

Bookmarks and Jackets

Design is pretty bad ass, no doubt. But some of my favourite designs are small but functional. Like these bookmarks. Clearly, these books are not suitable to throw in a bag but it’s a cute idea nonetheless.

On a side note: I know this isn’t necessarily a requirement (well, actually it probably is) but I’m going to work on having my posts be funnier. Looking at blogs I wrote eons ago in high school (no you don’t want to go there. One lived on livejournal and the other on deadjournal. I can’t believe I just admitted I had a deadjournal. Must go delete NIN mp3s as punishment) they were pretty sharp on the humour front. I don’t want this blog just to be a glorified tumblr. I don’t want to be a glorified digg user. But this the internet, so who am i kidding? To failure! ? …


Reservoir Dogs poster redesign

I love graphic design. In all facets of life. But nothing irks me the way poor graphic designs does. Papyrus on a movie poster, a restaurant sign or a book cover? I wince.

From what I’ve been told, redesigning a movie poster or book cover is a typical graphic design school exercise. Or simply a good way to take a break from working on client projects. Either way the results are usually pretty cool. Here are my favourite book cover and movie poster redesigns:

Harry Potter book covers

Batman as a french film poster

“I Can Read Movies” movies as book covers

Video games as books covers

Tarantino movie poster redesign (including the one above)