21 Days and Travels

Oh hi blog! How’s it going? I didn’t see you there. It has certainly been more than 20 days. My bad. This is what I started writing on the 21st day:

And so it is the twenty first day. I didn’t quite make my deadline but – like spilled milk – there’s no point in crying about it. So, after all that talk about tumblrs and not having something to say I’d decide to keep the blog as it is (albeit with a new layout). Now without the pressure of readings and essays I can find more time to simply write down my thoughts and internet findings.

Less than 24 hours ago I finished writing my final paper for my undergraduate degree. I’ve moved back home to the sounds of trains and dogs. I’m living out of boxes and sleep on a pullout. So feelings of triumph aren’t really flowing. It’s not at all as glum as I make it sound but I’m surprised I feel no different. I was hoping for elation or relief or at least accomplishment. Maybe those feelings come at convocation but I may not be able to go to mine. I really shouldn’t be anything but ecstatic. I’m going to France.



Real Tea Party


So clearly I was on the path to continuing this blog but – as per usual – failing to flesh out my ideas clearly and on time. I’ve enjoyed this little experiment in my last semester of my last year. But for some reason I feel the need to move on. Thus, this is the end of this venture as I move to a tumblr blog for my France adventures. Au bientot.


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