Origami Unicorns, Fifth Elements and Oscars®

In movies and books, the future always seems to suggest increased access and convenience with the hyper-intrusion of branded goods in our public and private lives. The spectacle of consumerism is hyped as the way of the future with no mention of political or social repercussions. That’s how technological determinism usually operates (by evacuating history, politics, economics, etc.). The line usually goes: issues or inconveniences today can be solved by idealistic technological solutions of tomorrow! I don’t think either side is right or wrong. The difficulty with further integrating technology into our fleshspace is maintaining agency and considering complex and diverse context into our decisions. Is augmented reality all bad? Not necessarily but there are obvious issues of privacy and over saturation. I don’t have any strong opinions or statements to make but I think it’s interesting that society seems to have a brand fetish that has been sustained through the globalization backlash. I suppose that’s hegemony for you.

Oscar-award winning animated short Logorama:

Part 1 & Part 2.

And for those wishing to quiet the advertorial noise on the youtubes = quietube.


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