Canadian Playlist Addendum

So I’m an idiot and forgot to include Controller.Controller. Even through they’re broken up I still put them on almost every playlist I make. Actually, that’s a lie. Controller.Controller would be out of place on a soul mixtape. Gun-to-head favourite track: Silent Seven.

New favourite track from new favourite band: Misteur Valaire – …et si c’etait un veau?

After a huge and delicious meal at Samurai Sushi, we wandered around Hockey Place Stadium before the game started. At first we were tricked into standing in line and going into the Saskatchewan Pavilion. There was great music and what appear to be a bouncer checking IDs. This was promising. The line moved quickly and we got inside to find no free tables but worst of all no micro-brews. If you are suppose to be representing your province should you not also represent your breweries? It would have been nice to see how Great Western Brewing stacked up against Big Rock Crafters (Grasshopper Ale (on tap) being one of my favourites). So in search of a more unique experience than Molson we headed for the Quebec pavilion or La Maison du Quebec. Not only did they have microbrew – Archibald – but they had creme brulee. Yes, it was ridiculously overpriced but there was no line (this was one of the first and only times I did not wait in a line) and apparently there was music in 20 mins.

The set up seemed odd. Turntables, bongos, saxophone, trumpet, drum kit, bass guitar, guitar, and other various percussion instruments. This could either be really, really good or really, really bad. When the band came out they looked like a hipster boy band (in a good way?) and I was still unsure of how this was going to go down. But then they just started playing and I slowly began to realize that not only was this not so bad but I kinda really like the music. Go to their website. You can listen to all the tracks and download their album for free. The only downside to finding this new band is that they seem to rarely perform outside of Montreal. Road Trip?

ps. I also really like TKO.


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