This one time in Vancouver I had…

Back from the Olympics in one piece. Hurray for me. While there were too many experiences to simply write in one post I thought I’d start with food. Here are the top five places we went to eat while in Vancouver (in no particular order).

1. Black Frog

Stumbled across this place in Gastown trying to find The Diamond. We instantly liked it: the food was reasonably price and there was micro-brew but mostly it reminded us of our old local pub The Alex P. Keaton (which sadly is no more). We really liked Granville Island Brewery’s Lions Winter Ale and the artichoke dip was pretty solid. Grasshopper Wheat Ale was also pretty good but it’s from the prairies.

2. Go Fish Ocean Emporium

All the cheap food guides had this place listed and it was near the Public Markets on Granville Island (which is also great). The fish and seafood was ridiculously good. I loved the green thai curry seafood chowder, the scallop sandwich and the fish and chips with salmon. All of which we bought for $27 taxes in.

3. Samurai Sushi

The sushi place I originally planned on going was in the process of being demolished (this is something google maps does not tell you). Across the street was a Hilton so we decided to ask the concierge. She directed us to this place that was just around the corner. I’ve eaten a lot of sushi in my life and I would say I have a pretty good idea of what good sushi is. While some of the maki rolls are monstrous in size – like the california roll – it doesn’t necessarily take away from its flavour. The sashimi large and delicious. The prices were affordable. Although it is no Toshi, Samurai Sushi was the best sushi experience I’ve had in my entire life.

4. The Diamond

This place is tucked away in the middle of Gastown. I like the unusual tapas, the small menu and the retro modern decor. I imagine the vibe is a little different at night but overall it’s a pretty chill place. I don’t think the rest of the gang was really feeling it but it reminded me of places in Toronto like Spoon, One and Gio Rana’s Really Really Nice Restaurant.

5. Belgian Fries

This was one of the few places that wasn’t completely packed on a Saturday night. It was our last night and we simply wanted a night out. We tried Black Frog at 7pm but there was a line. We tried St. Augustine’s place but they turned us away (because we were tourists?). The atmosphere wasn’t ideal but they had Winter Ale on tap, TVs with hockey and the most awesome fries ever. The place is promoted as the best poutine outside of Quebec (according to CBC Montreal. My roommates did not disagree) but it also has regular fries with a large choice of mayos. I picked hot garlic but was close to choosing wasabi or tangy Jamaican. If the vegetarian chili hadn’t been so filling I was going to chance it and try the deep fried ice cream and mars bars. There is no salad here but there is deliciousness.


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