Oh look, a tumblr-like post….


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Apparently, I’m in self destruct mode. One would think that could potentially mean more or better blog posts but alas no. Instead, I publish this post anyway without any relevant or useful commentary. Exactly the opposite of what I declared the in last post. Everyone is a hypocrite but it’s just so disappointing when you exhibit the attributes and exemplify the practice so clearly. Hear is to next week. Perhaps better or perhaps worse. Definitely less emo. Not as truncated.

addendum/update: I think the interesting stuff on this blog so far has mostly been the meta. The goal is still the same in posting things I find interesting and talking about them. But I think there’s a reason why personal blogs have remained popular: it’s the glimpse into the slice of life that inspires comedy or revelation. It inspires something interesting and entertaining. I don’t feel I can really write about my life right now because I don’t find it particularly interesting. It’s the typical fourth year last semester bullshit. The frustration and irritation of continued procrastination. The not wanting to be here but not wanting to go. There are no new elements in my life. I realize these – good or bad – will come soon enough but I’m forcing myself into a rut that’s becoming self destructive. I skipped class and haven’t been handing in work. It’s not the end of the world but it’s not really me. Procrastinating, yes. Completely ignoring responsibility, no. I need to reboot or jumpstart myself. I just can’t think of a practical answer. Well, on the positive side this is no longer a tumblr-like post. Need to fulfill meaningless criteria? Check.


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