Bookmark art

Bookmarks and Jackets

Design is pretty bad ass, no doubt. But some of my favourite designs are small but functional. Like these bookmarks. Clearly, these books are not suitable to throw in a bag but it’s a cute idea nonetheless.

On a side note: I know this isn’t necessarily a requirement (well, actually it probably is) but I’m going to work on having my posts be funnier. Looking at blogs I wrote eons ago in high school (no you don’t want to go there. One lived on livejournal and the other on deadjournal. I can’t believe I just admitted I had a deadjournal. Must go delete NIN mp3s as punishment) they were pretty sharp on the humour front. I don’t want this blog just to be a glorified tumblr. I don’t want to be a glorified digg user. But this the internet, so who am i kidding? To failure! ? …


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