the sound of young america

the sound of young america, maximum fun

I’ve never been terribly interested in the Twilight phenomenon. I had LeStat and Spike so my vampire quota has been pretty much filled. However, when I saw the list of artists on the New Moon soundtrack I was astonished to find a nice collection of indie rock darlings. This was baffling to me until I recently listened to a interview with Alex Patsavas. Patsavas has been the musical supervisor on projects like The OC, Grey’s Anatomy, Mad Men and Gossip Girl. So it’s no wonder that she would bring the same indie rock sensibility to New Moon.

Listen to the interview here.

While I’m linking you that interview, I’d also like to point out the interviewer Jesse Thorn and his public radio show. I first found The Sound of Young America (SOYA) while trying to beef up my podcast list (I will most likely be posting about Studio 360 – another PRI show – later on). Usually SOYA interviews famous and not-so famous comedians but recently there have been other great guests such as Ian MacKaye of Fugazi, Nick Hornby, Chris Anderson of WIRED, Brian Michael Bendis. SOYA really covers pop culture and its fringes.

Recent interviews I’ve particularly liked:

Scott Schuman aka The Sartorialist interview // blog

Merlin Mann interview // blog

Jello Biafra interview // wikipedia

Rob Corddry interview //  twitter


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