an introduction or the starter guide or hello world or

a leap, the ocean

Hi there.

My name is alia. I usually use a lower case a in my name on the web because I like the way it looks.

That is a random fact about me. See we already know each other a little better! While I may not get to know you (that is if I don’t already know you), you will definitely get to know me. I’m hoping to turn this space into a place where I talk about things that I find – usually on the internet – that interest me. Usually when I come across something that I enjoy I bookmark it. You don’t want to see my bookmark list. It’s scary even to me. Even though there are folders and sub folders. Let’s just not talk about it anymore.

The previous posts are the few blog posts I’ve made during the post-secondary part of my life. Future posts will be a little different in tone and hopefully more informative/entertaining to hear. So thanks for joining me in my adventures in blogging and hopefully you will find some cool and interesting things.



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