the manifesto

I did a victory lap. A 5th year: a year of limbo, odd jobs, a class here and there and a small international travel adventure. In that year, I managed to produce some of my best creative work. The writer’s craft class I was taking didn’t hurt; every friday the class would hold ‘The All Seeing Eye’: a venue to read two pieces you had written that week. As the pages filled up it inspired me to do other things and kept me anchored during a pretty tumultuous time.

Throughout high school I kept myself pretty active creatively. I painted, wrote fiction, made short films, knit, baked, sketched, played piano and danced. When I arrived at university for some reason all of that stopped. The excuses poured forth thusly: I had no time, school kept me so busy or I was adjusting to this new environment. The worst of them all: I had nothing to say worth expressing. I knit and bake occasionally but I really do miss the writing, the videos, the painting and the dancing.

Every year without fail I fall out of love with the academic institution called post-secondary education. I become frustrated with the game of averages, bell curves, favouritism, and exams that don’t reflect your learning. I hear that feeling gets pretty bad in fourth year.

So to fight the ailment called Fourth Year Apathy, I’ve decided to embark on a personal creative renaissance. I will write something creative every week. I will vlog. I will complete more knitting projects. I will take dance classes. I will do mail art. And I will chronicle all my efforts here and on the vlog. This is not meant to primarily be a journal or diary but a way to impose some accountability. The summer will be the beta phrase. September is when the race starts.

As @iamdiddy would say: “Let’s Go!”


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